Cranberry Peach Cooler

peach mock

Fayrouz Peach, Ocean Spray or Caesars Cranberry juice, lemon, cranberry Monin syrup, gomme

For an average 300ml glass use the following quantities –

20 ml of Monin cranberry Syrup

20 ml Monin Peach Puree (you can blend your own peaches in a blender into a gorgeous peach puree

15 ml fresh lemon juice

15 ml sugar syrup (see below how to make your own sugar syrup)

Top with Fayrouz Peach

Garnish with two fresh lemon wheels and dried cranberries


In a glass or jug add all ingredients, stir, add more ice, add Fayrouz Peach, garnish with two very thinly sliced lemon wheels, pour a touch of cranberry syrup on top of the lemons, sprinkle 5-6 dried cranberries on top

(How to make home made sugar syrup – 1 part of boiled mineral water, 1 part of sugar (White, brown, muscavado – all of those are good) – pour boiling water over sugar (If you are using sugar cubes crush them first as this will speed up the process of dilution)